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CTD arrests banned outfit’s terrorist involved in blowing up railway track

hyderabad: The Counter-Terrorism Department of the Hyderabad police has claimed the arrest of a terrorist, Halar, son of Monyo, belonging to the banned Sindh Republican Army.

The arrest was made during a raid carried out in Ghazi Khan Chang village on the basis of intelligence reports, the Hyderabad police said, adding that an accomplice of the arrested suspect managed to flee by taking the advantage of darkness.

Police said explosive material, a detonator and safety fuse wire had been seized from the suspect’s possession.

A case was registered against him under the Anti-Terrorism Act and Explosives Act at the CTD police station, Hyderabad.

The CTD said the arrested terrorist revealed that on the night of March 22, he blew up a bomb on the Bolhari railway track near the Kotri junction to sabotage Pakistan Day and spread terrorism.

He also reportedly disclosed that his accomplice who had fled during the raid was also involved in that blast.

According to the CTD spokesperson, the arrested man and his accomplice were also planning to target security forces by planting explosives on a road.

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