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Inside Asaru, a retail-and-F&B concept in Singapore featuring tea sessions and Japanese desserts – CNA Luxury

Sessions, which host up to four people each, are booked online. For S$30, guests enjoy a wagashi made fresh on the day by the pair, as well as two servings of coffee or tea as they peruse the goods ranging from clothing and jewellery to tableware.

The sessions are run by the seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. “Every season, the wagashi, coffee and tea changes. We try to stick closely to the seasons but it depends on how accessible the ingredients are,” said Pang. The focus is not so much on the food or drinks, Teng added. “It’s like visiting a friend’s house where you [ask about things they display] and are kept happy with food offerings along the way.”

Music from Japanese sound artist Meitei – serene and at times experimental – serenade the session. An Asaru experience involves not just sight, scent and touch, but also sound.

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