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Major Abortion Groups Endorse Biden-Harris for 2024 Presidential Election

Three major abortion industry groups have backed President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’s 2024 presidential campaign, giving the Democrat candidates the industry stamp of approval.

Planned Parenthood Action Fund, NARAL: Pro-Choice America, and EMILY’s List offered support to the Biden/Harris 2024 ticket on June 23.

According to its June 23 press release, “Planned Parenthood Action Fund announced its endorsement of Joe Biden’s re-election.

“This announcement comes one year after the Supreme Court decision to strip federal abortion rights, prompting 20 states to ban some or all abortions and jeopardizing critical health care access for millions.”

Alexis McGill Johnson, president and CEO of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, released a statement reiterating the group’s position on the Biden campaign: “President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have been committed to fighting back against the onslaught of attacks against our reproductive freedom. And we need them to continue this critical work. Abortion is healthcare.

“We’ve seen firsthand the aftermath of chaos and devastation when politicians use their power to steal control of our own bodies, lives, and futures. We need leaders who are committed to protecting our freedoms, not taking them away.

“There is so much at stake. We know, clear as day, that if anti-abortion politicians gain control of the White House, they will exploit their power toward their ultimate goal: a national abortion ban.

“That is why we must re-elect President Biden and Vice President Harris: people we can trust to keep rebuilding a path forward because we know the journey to rebuilding our rights will be met with challenges.”

NARAL Pro-Choice America’s Backing

NARAL Pro-Choice America announced its endorsement on the same day, just ahead of the one-year anniversary of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, rolling back federal protections for abortions nationwide.

In its press release, the group cited concern about millions of Americans being blocked from accessing abortion care due to state restrictions and the support that Biden and Harris have continued to offer to legislators attempting to secure abortion rights.

NARAL Pro-Choice America President Mini Timmaraju said in her statement that, “President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are the strongest advocates for reproductive freedom ever to occupy the White House, and NARAL Pro-Choice America proudly endorses their reelection. It’s as simple as this: Abortion matters to Americans.

“In elections since the Supreme Court took away our right to abortion, voters have mobilized in massive numbers to elect Democrats who will fight to restore it.

“Americans know the extremist GOP stacked the courts to take away our freedoms, and they won’t forget it. We’re proud to make this historic endorsement, and our 4 million members are ready to get to work to send President Biden and Vice President Harris back to the White House.”

EMILYs List’s Endorsement

Emily’s List, which identifies itself as “the nation’s largest resource for women in politics,” offered their support for the vice president, furthering its work to “elect Democratic pro-choice women up and down the ballot and across the country with a goal of fighting for our rights and our communities.”

List president Laphonza Butler released a statement about the group’s endorsement of Harris, saying, “For her work as a groundbreaker, tireless advocate for reproductive freedom, and inspiring change-maker, EMILYs List is thrilled to endorse Vice President Kamala Harris for reelection.

“Since breaking one of the highest and hardest glass ceilings in politics, Vice President Harris has been a vital partner to President Biden in tackling the challenges facing our nation.

“She has also been a leader within the administration on issues ranging from voter protections to workers’ rights to foreign policy, a history-making leader who has secured significant accomplishments for voters across the country.”

EMILYs List previously endorsed Harris in previous races, including San Francisco district attorney, California attorney general, and in her race for United States Senate.

The group cited Harris’s campaign promises to hold big banks accountable during California’s housing crisis, her support for marriage equality for the LGBT community, and the fact that she is the second black woman and first woman of Indian descent to be elected to the Senate.

“Vice President Harris has been a steadfast fighter throughout her career for women and their abortion rights—a role that is more important than ever before,” Butler said.

“Every day, Kamala Harris lives the directive of her mother that she may be the first, but she should make sure she’s not the last.”

Democrat Support for Abortion

House Democrat leadership gathered on June 23 to offer support for abortion rights and talk about their steps to secure a national right to abortion.

Minority leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) reiterated his party’s “unwavering, unyielding, and unequivocal support for reproductive freedom.”

The lawmakers introduced the Women’s Health Protection Act, which they called a “significant piece of legislation.” 

Jeffries called the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision by the Supreme Court, “One of the most egregious and offensive decisions that the Supreme Court has ever made.” 

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