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SHC seeks report on rehabilitation of people affected by Gujjar Nullah project

The Sindh High Court directed the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation on Thursday to submit a report on efforts being taken to implement the Supreme Court’s directions for the rehabilitation of people affected by the ongoing projects to improve the condition of Gujjur and Orangi nullahs.

The direction came on a petition filed by affected people of the Gujjur Nullah, seeking implementation of the SC directions for the Sindh government to compensate and rehabilitate the affected people.

The petitioners submitted that the government was continuously demolishing houses situated near the Gujjar Nullah in the garb of expansion of the roads along it in violation of the apex court’s order. They requested the court to direct the government to submit a proposal for the enhancement of Gujjar Nullah site project and a plan for the rehabilitation of and payment of compensation to those hit by the project.

The counsel for the KMC filed para-wise comments on the petition and requested time to seek instructions with regard to work being done by the authorities as well as on a relevant plan for the work to be undertaken for the implementation of the court orders. He undertook that the ongoing work would take place in conformity with the schedule.

A division bench, headed by Justice Yousuf Ali Sayeed, directed the KMC to produce the relevant plan and schedule of the work to be undertaken for the implementation of the SC order and submit a compliance report in the first week of August.

The SC had ordered the government to ensure that the affected people of the Gujjar and Orangi drains’ projects were rehabilitated properly with all present-day amenities.

Extradition of accused

The Sindh High Court has directed a federal law officer to submit a report explaining what measures have been taken for the extradition of Pakistani citizens who were involved in murder cases in Karachi.

The direction came on a petition of Maham Amjad seeking the extradition of Syed Taqi Haider from Dubai. The petitioner submitted that Haider killed her father Shah in 2008 after he disclosed financial corruption of the accused in an insurance company, and later the suspect fled the country. She sought extradition of the accused and an expeditious trial.

The court was told necessary replies to the UAE government regarding extradition of Syed Taqi Haider Shah were sent to the Pakistan embassy in the UAE and these documents would be forwarded to the competent authority in the UAE for the extradition process and a reply was awaited. The court directed the law officer to submit a progress report on the next date of the hearing.

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