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12-year-old graduates with 4.0 GPA from L.A. City College, now plans to attend high school 

A 12-year-old girl has taken a massive step in her educational career, but it’s not middle school or even high school graduation. 

On June 6, Fiona Currie became Los Angeles City College’s youngest-ever graduate when she received an associate degree in studio arts with a 4.0 GPA, and she received a standing ovation from her classmates on commencement day. 

Fiona, who is technically in ninth grade, began taking college courses online at the start of the COVID pandemic when she was just nine years old and continued homeschooling with university level classes. 

The Palmdale native is planning to continue her studies at the collegiate level in addition to attending high school and navigating the world as a teenager. 

L.A. City College’s youngest-ever graduate plans on continuing to chase her dream of working at a big animation company. Getting a degree at 12 years old is certainly a good start. 

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