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Bounties for capture of six ‘wanted vehicle thieves’ approved

The Sindh Home Department has given its nod to the Anti-Vehicle Lifting Cell’s (AVLC) recommendation for setting bounties for the capture of six highly wanted and dangerous suspects.

Leading the list is Kashif Abro, also known as Anwar Ali, with a reward of Rs6 million, followed by Nazir Bhiyo, Akbar Bhiyo, and Mujahid Jamal Mirani, each carrying a bounty of Rs5 million.

SSP Abdul Rahim Shirazi, the chief of AVLC, mentioned the extensive criminal records of these individuals. Abro alone has over 40 cases registered against him across various police stations, while Mujahid Jamal Mirani has more than 20 cases to his name. Muhammad Khan Mallah and Mumtaz Bhiyo, with 14 and 13 cases respectively, are also notorious for their involvement in vehicle theft.

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