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Non-DHA residents banned from entering Nisar Shaheed Park

In what looks like a discriminatory policy, the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) has banned non-DHA residents from entering the Nisar Shaheed Park located in DHA Phase VI.

In a tweet on Thursday, the housing authority said non-DHA residents were not allowed to enter the park. The tweet requested the DHA residents to abide by the procedures set by the DHA management to enter the park “to ensure a friendly and peaceful environment.”

The tweet also said that residents must visit the park with family members.

The authority also issued a dress code for a stroll in the park for the DHA residents. The DHA wants park visitors to be “appropriately dressed” and the tweet read that those who wished to visit the park must be dressed in a sports kit or at the very least, joggers paired with Shalwar Kameez or pants and shirt.

“Entry of non-DHA residents with or without family is not allowed,” the tweet read. However, it did not mention the procedure for identifying non-DHA residents. DHA spokesperson Farrukh Rizvi did not respond to repeated calls.

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