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Taking sacrificial animal out on a stroll turns fatal for 12-year-old boy

A minor boy lost his life while engaging in a dangerous activity involving a sacrificial animal in Sector 11-G area of New Karachi.

According to the New Karachi Industrial Area police, 12-year-old Ibrahim met his untimely demise while partaking in the act of taking the cow for a stroll on Thursday evening. As the child attempted to escape, the halter became entangled around his legs. The animal dragged the child for a kilometre, leaving him severally injured.

Eyewitnesses said that upon witnessing the incident, people from the surrounding area sprang into action, chasing after the animal in an attempt to rescue the child. After covering a considerable distance, they managed to catch the animal and released the boy from the entangled rope.

Ibrahim was promptly rushed to a nearby hospital, but unfortunately he succumbed to his severe injuries despite the best efforts of medical professionals.

A circulating CCTV footage of the accident on social media platforms brought the harrowing event to the attention of a wider audience. The footage depicted the child’s feet ensnared in the rope. Ibrahim’s father works in a cloth shop. The boy, who was the second among four siblings, was known for his innocent and playful nature.

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