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Jet blast’s ginormous power sends onlookers nearly flying

You have probably seen the powerful helicopter rotor downwash, but have you ever experienced the insane power of the jet blast from the engines of an aeroplane? You would think twice before watching this video.

According to NDTV, massive amounts of aviation fuel combined with strong mechanics allow an aeroplane to produce enormous power. 

A recent video that went viral on social media showed the enormous power of jet engines was capable of throwing people way off their feet.

In the video, which was posted by “Callum Hodgson” on his Twitter account, about 20 to 30 people can be seen standing idly next to an aeroplane as they casually record it cruising along the runway edge.

“Here’s a small preview of the absolute chaos that occurs when people underestimate the power of aircraft engines!” the user wrote in the caption.

The video also demonstrated that a strong air current caused people to fall to the ground as the plane took off while others struggled to keep their balance.

According to the Aviation File, a blog devoted to all things aviation, the effect produced by the thrust force that emanates from the back of jet-powered aircraft engines is known as jet blast.

Additionally, runway length, departure procedure, and other environmental factors, as well as the type of aircraft, may all affect the outcome. The jet blast effect could become more pronounced, particularly during high-performance takeoffs and with heavy-calibre aircraft.

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