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PEF announces QAT results

LAHORE : Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) has announced the results of the Quality Assurance Test (QAT) for the academic year 2022-23.

According to a PEF spokesperson, a total of 335,840 students from 7,326 partner schools participated in the test. More than 87% of partner schools achieved success in the examination.

He further said that a total of 3,302 schools affiliated with the Foundation’s Assisted School Program, 1,577 schools enrolled in the Education Voucher Scheme, and 1,475 schools associated with the New School Program have successfully passed the examination. Similarly, 1,82,707 female students have achieved success in the examination, surpassing the number of male students.

The spokesperson revealed that 413 schools failed the test once, while 436 schools failed twice, and 44 schools consecutively failed in the Quality Assurance Test.

This test is conducted annually to assess the educational standards of partner schools. Schools that fail once receive a warning, those that fail twice face a 50% reduction in monthly payments, and schools failing consecutively for three times have their educational partnership cancelled. PEF Managing Director Manzar Javed Ali congratulated the successful school partners and directed the owners of unsuccessful schools to focus on quality education.

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