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Over a dozen animals stolen from farm near Super Highway

Unidentified thieves stole more than a dozen valuable sacrificial animals from a cattle farm located near the Super Highway in the Malir Cantonment area on Sunday.

According to details, more than a dozen animals were stolen from the Muhammadi Cattle Farm, in the vicinity of the Wadi-e-Hussain Graveyard, falling under the jurisdiction of the Malir Cantonment police station.

The incident took place in the early hours. The theft of the sacrificial animals has been reported to the Malir Cantonment police station, but no case has been registered.

SHO Tariq Rahim said that according to Malik Shahroze, the owner of the cattle farm, 10 to 12 armed men barged onto his farm early in the morning and attacked a security guard and the watchman.

Shahroze said the suspects took the fodder employee hostage at gunpoint and stole his precious sacrificial animals, then made their escape in a pickup truck. Police said the cattle farm is spread over three acres of land, but no adequate security arrangements have been made.

They said the outer walls of the cattle farm are small, while no CCTV cameras have been installed at the farm and no lighting system has been arranged for the farm.

According to the farm’s owner, the stolen animals are worth Rs10 million to Rs15 million. He also claimed that the suspects had beaten his employees after tying them up with ropes.

A farm employee claimed that armed men barged onto the farm at around 4am, took the workers hostage at gunpoint and dragged them away, then used ropes to tie them up with the door and beat them.

He also claimed that the suspects had brought two vehicles and a motorbike, they loaded the animals onto the vehicles and then made their escape. Police said that the stolen animals include 12 big animals and a goat.

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