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Police detain husband, mother-in-law of woman ‘who died from intoxication in party’

In a major development in the case of a young woman’s death whose body was brought to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) on Saturday morning after she had reportedly died from intoxication during a dance party at a bungalow in Defence Housing Authority, the police investigators have detained her husband and mother-in-law for their possible involvement in her death.

Police said the deceased woman’s husband, Adil, was a drug addict who had not been in the house for past several days. The investigators said that he was summoned to record his statement on Saturday but he did not appear before the police, after which he was taken into custody on Sunday and his initial statement had been recorded.

According to the investigators, the deceased woman, Ayesha, was a TikToker and her mother-in-law had earlier falsely stated that she was a resident of Gujrat and had reached Karachi on Saturday.

Due to her suspicious statements, Ayesha’s mother-in-law, named Sobia, has also been detained. Police said that Sobia was a resident of Gulistan-e-Jauhar and ran a beauty parlour.

Ayesha’s body was dropped at the JPMC by a couple who told the medical staff that she had died from intoxication. The couple, who said their names were Sehrish and Gibran, soon left the hospital after dropping the body.

The police have started checking the record of all the guest houses in District South to find the man and woman who had brought the body to the hospital. The mother-in-law of the deceased woman told police that she did not know the couple.

According to the police, the body of the woman would be handed over to her father and the police would register a case on behalf of the state if the victim’s father refused to register a case.

The deceased woman had participated in a private party at a bungalow in DHA Phase I but that bungalow is closed and the owner has also not yet come forward.

Police said the owner of that house would also be nominated in the case of the incident.

In another development, police impounded the vehicle in which the couple had brought the body to the JPMC and also detained its owner, Waliur Rehman, who told the investigators that after fulfilling all the legal requirements, he had given his vehicle to a man, Ahmad, who ran a ‘rent a car’ business on Badar Commercial against monthly payments.

According to the police, Ahmad was also missing and they were looking for him. Police added that Ayesha’s mother has passed away and she had six siblings – five sisters and one brother. Further investigations are under way.

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