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Redondo Beach police hope public can help bring killer in cold case to justice

The Redondo Beach Police Department on Monday asked for the public’s help in finding the killer of a woman whose body was found more than 20 years ago at a Redondo Beach construction site.

In a press conference, officials said that Catherine Parker-Johnson was recently identified as the person found on Aug. 29, 2001, at 1624 Wollacot St., though investigators still have much more to uncover, including if Parker-Johnson was killed at the site or elsewhere.

“The crime occurred so long ago and the condition that the partial skeleton was found and the residence had turned over, there’s very limited information about the actual direct connection to that location,” said Redondo Beach Police Chief Joe Hoffman.

The RBPD shared Friday that Parker-Johnson had been identified through DNA testing and the help of the nonprofit DNA Doe Project. Her identity was confirmed using samples from her daughter and sister.

Parker-Johnson, who died at age 24, hadn’t been in contact with her family for 20 years before her body was found, and she had not been reported missing, authorities said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Investigators John Skipper or Rick Petersen at 310-379-2477 x2714 or text 310-937-6675.

Tipsters can also email

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