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Qaiser urges fair elections amidst ongoing ‘propaganda’

In a passionate video statement, PTI leader Asad Qaiser called for an end to what he described as relentless “propaganda” against his party.

Standing firm amid the aftermath of the May 9 violence, Qaiser challenged the powerful quarters to ensure free and fair elections in the country.

“The one-sided propaganda being waged against the PTI and Imran Khan is only serving to boost our popularity,” Qaiser asserted, expressing his unwavering confidence in the party’s resilience. He criticised the incumbent government’s performance, highlighting concerns about inflation and governance during its tenure.

Citing the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), Qaiser demanded evidence of their positive contributions to the nation, further emphasising that the country needs mercy from the powerful sectors to safeguard its future. He stressed the importance of fair and free elections within constitutional provisions to prevent harm to the country.

Qaiser also voiced serious concerns about the alleged “illegal and unlawful” crackdowns on PTI, claiming that the party’s constitutional right to freedom of expression and political activity was being curtailed. He cited reports of raids on PTI workers’ and leaders’ homes, denouncing the actions as against the law and the Constitution.

Questioning the motives behind targeting the PTI, Qaiser asked whether such actions would bring stability to the nation. He reiterated that it is the people’s right to decide the party in power and called for the nation’s decision on whether to bring back the PTI chairman or elect someone else.

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