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5 things to know today: Breakthrough in B.C. port strike

A late-night breakthrough in the B.C. port strike, what powerful newly discovered antibodies mean for future coronavirus outbreaks and new cigarette warning labels take effect this week.

Here’s what you need to know to start your day:

1. B.C. port strike: A late-night breakthrough could herald an end to British Columbia’s long-running port dispute, with the longshore workers’ union and the employers’ association announcing a new tentative agreement.

2. Powerful antibodies: Newly discovered antibodies can neutralize virtually all known variants of COVID-19 and may have the potential to prevent future coronavirus outbreaks, according to a new study.

3. Amber Alert: The mother of two children who were the subject of an Amber Alert in B.C., as well as her boyfriend, have been charged with abduction after they were found on a rural property in Alberta.

4. ‘Poison in every puff’: A fresh set of Health Canada regulations that require warning labels on individual cigarettes is set to come into effect Tuesday.

5. A wave of strikes: Thousands of unionized Metro grocery workers walked off the job Saturday in what is the latest in a series of strike actions taken across the country in the past year, from liquor store employees to port workers.

One more thing…

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