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Rescue 1122 gives first aid to 53,614 mourners

LAHORE:The Secretary Emergency Services Department (ESD) has appreciated the rescuers for providing emergency cover to processions/Majlis along with flood duties to evacuate the flood affectees in flood-prone districts of Punjab.

While chairing a video link meeting of all district emergency officers and senior rescue officers at Emergency Services Headquarters here on Sunday, he said that Rescue 1122 provided emergency cover to 53,614 mourners during the 3,979 events of Ashura in Punjab. Among them, 52,266 mourners who sustained injuries due to flagellation were provided dressings and appropriate first aid, while 1,345 with severe injuries and deep cuts were shifted to hospitals for advanced medical care.

On this occasion, Provincial Monitoring Officer informed that Emergency Plans for Ashura were implemented in close coordination with Deputy Commissioners in all districts of Punjab. More than 3,970 processions/events were provided medical cover with 7,000 rescuers, 1,115 Motorbike Rescuers, 560 Ambulances, 178 Fire, and 31 Rescue vehicles, during Ashura in all districts of Punjab. He also briefed in detail about the emergency cover provided in each district of Punjab.

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