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‘World’s oldest man’ passes away days before 128th birthday

Jose Paulino Gomes, world’s oldest man who died at the age of 127. — Newsflash/File

Jose Paulino Gomes, who was set to celebrate his 128th birthday, passed away at the amazing age of 127, in his remote Corrego do Cafe, Brazil, home, leaving behind a century-long legacy.

Jose was born on August 4, 1895, according to his 1917 marriage certificate, and experienced significant historical events like the first proms, the first rugby league football game, and the discovery of X-rays.

Willyan Jose Rodrigues de Souza, a legal advisor, stated that Jose was born in the late 1800s and that his age was correct.

If de Souza is right, Jose will surpass Maria Branyas Morera of Spain, who currently holds the record with 115.

Jose led a simple and modest existence, working as an animal trainer and relying on products made from natural resources and locally produced goods.

He is remembered by his seven children, 25 grandchildren, 42 great-grandchildren, and 11 great-great-grandchildren, The Sun reported.

“His uniqueness was that he didn’t like anything industrialised, only things from the countryside, natural. He raised chickens, pigs… His food was all from here, had to be grown or raised here. And he always liked to have a little drink,” Jose’s granddaughter Eliane Ferreira said.

Another one of his granddaughters, Fabiola Oliveira, said that he was riding horses until four years ago.

“Four years ago, he stopped riding horses. For about a month, he was in bed,” she said.

Moreover, Jose’s documentation may have been inaccurate because of rural customs, according to his granddaughter Eliane, but his family had no doubts about his age because they knew he had lived for more than a century.

“Here in the countryside, people are usually registered when they are older,” Jose’s granddaughter Eliane Ferreira told local media. “There are several cases with incorrect documentation. But his documentation showed he was younger than he actually was.”

She continued: “There is a lady nearby who is 98 years old. She says she knew him when he was just a boy. That’s when we became curious to confirm his age and looked up the registry office to find out what was correct.

“He definitely was over 100 years old, at least 110. Now we need to know how it will be recorded on the death certificate.”

He died as a result of multiple organ failure, which was only natural given his advanced age.

He was buried in Pedra Bonita’s Corrego dos Fialhos Cemetery.

While Jose’s status has not yet been officially confirmed by Guinness World Records, the Brazilian countryside mourns the loss of a man whose lifespan was equalled only by the priceless memories he made with his loved ones.

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