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'Change is likely coming': Latest heartbreaker indicates Chargers' Staley might lose job

On Sunday, Los Angeles Chargers fans suffered yet another disheartening loss, this one a 23-20 defeat at the hands of a struggling Green Bay Packers team, and this one might be the final straw for head coach Brandon Staley’s tenure with the team.

Sunday’s loss was cemented by a dropped pass by Quentin Johnston that would’ve set the Chargers up to force overtime, if not win outright. The 4-6 Chargers now have “lost six games this season, most of which they were in a position to win,” as Sports Illustrated noted.

“L.A. dropped its opener against the Dolphins by two points … then its second game against the Titans by three points, its fifth game against the Cowboys by three points, its ninth game against the Lions by three points and its 10th game against the Packers by, you guessed it, three points,” SI explained.

As Fox Sports posited, this “team is not playing to the level of its talent. This team routinely plays like a squad that’s poorly coached. We see it each game.”

On Monday, many analysts placed Staley on the hot seat, citing him as one of — if not the — coaches most likely to lose his job.

“It shouldn’t be long now for Staley, and the Chargers have been arguably the most disappointing team this season,” SI said. “Sunday was a reminder that whatever the team is doing isn’t working, and change is likely coming.”

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